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  • Water Detector

    Water Detector

    1.00 EUR


    1. The main unit of the device FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM.
    2. The main processing unit and settings.
    3. Screen includes the device options list.
    4. Touch keyboard controller.
    5. The power switch ON / OFF.
    6. Entrance sending antennas.
    7. Entrance receiving antennas.
    8. Entrance for the charger.
    9. 12-volt rechargeable battery.
    10. 4 antennas for reception and transmission the signal.
    11. 12-volt Household charger.
    12. Bag anti shocks to carry and save the device and its accessories.
    13. User manual in several languages including Arabic.
    14. Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase
      German industry first class according to international standards.
    15. FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 System Device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications.

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